Troy liew final sides 1
Troy liew final handdetail
Troy liew final sides 2
Troy liew final portrait
Troy liew final callout geo
Troy liew clayrender hex hairguide
Troy liew clayrender iso
Troy liew final sheets 1
Troy liew final sheets 2
Troy liew final sheets 3

The Priest - Wild West Challenge

I made this for the Wild West VFX/Film Character Challenge. I almost ran out of time with the Priest for a couple of reasons. For one, I was splitting my time between this and the other Character Challenge that was going on at the same time. I was also trying a lot of new things. While that's great for learning, it's not optimal for a timed competition. So I hit a dead end and chose to start again in the last week or two, scaling back significantly on what I had in mind. I'm happy with what I came through with, though I'm aiming for even greater work in the future.

Check out the Challenge submission thread for all of the updates that went into making this character:

This character is based on Tatiana Vetrova's work in Phase 1 of the Wild West challenge: