Troy liew tonic
Troy liew designsheets tonic
Troy liew warmer
Troy liew designsheets heater
Troy liew blast
Troy liew designsheets blast
Troy liew caravan
Troy liew designsheets caravan
Troy liew harmonica
Troy liew designsheets harmonica

Wild West Challenge - Prop Design

I made these props for the 2018 Wild West challenge. What I had in mind was a world where the early pioneers of the Americas came to rely not on advances in technology, but upon the harnessing of magical spirits of nature of the new land.

In this series, Dr. Harper's Corn Spirit Tonic is something of a cure-all remedy of otherwise dubious benefit, outside of the binding of actual Corn Spirits within each bottle. Tsalagi Supply Company Patent Water Heaters provide hot water out on the range with no need for firewood, having caged Sun Serpents within. Tolelo Blasting Charges take advantage of Thunder Mice and their propensity towards explosions to aid in the excavation of so many Wild West mines. Athabascan Echo Luxe Harmonicas manage to summon Light Ravens to craft light displays in pairing with music. Last but not least, Stonecoat Caravans employ spirits of stone to transport floating caravans across America in comfort.