The Shattered Plains

Troy liew screenshot005
Troy liew screenshot014
Troy liew screenshot004
Troy liew screenshot006
Troy liew screenshot003
Troy liew kaladinv2

My initial sketch, detailing what I was hoping to achieve in terms of the scene's emotional thread.

Troy liew restarted

Starting with rough shapes based on the sketch.

Troy liew refine1

Adding other details like clothing, the props, and terrain that I ended up scrapping later on.

Troy liew finalsculpt2

A lot of detail and refining along the way. Both soldiers underwent anatomy changes including the facial structures, and hair placement.

Troy liew finalsculpt1

Plans changed in the process of creation, as opportunities for greater tension and visual interest presented themselves. For example, the grasping of the coat felt like an appropriate addition.

Troy liew earlycomp1

Throwing things into Marmoset for the first time . Texturing and composition was at an early stage here.

Troy liew earlycomp12

Setting up proper lighting was essential in creating some sense of depth. Other details needed to be changed late in the game as well, such as the scale and positioning of the flag standard.

The Shattered Plains

Largely inspired by Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive series. Good chance to get some practice in sculpting and using Substance Painter.